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Supplying the Full Package

Too often, mature businesses collect a sprawling collection of vendors through time, resulting in complex invoicing and vendor management headaches. Partners can furnish every data point required to underwrite your borrowers, streamlining operations, adding considerable value and drastically cutting costs.

DAM Helps You Meet LQI
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Streamlining Operations

Partners furnishes millions of custom merged credit files annually from lead gen and prequalification, through multi-bureau hard pulls, to near close debt activity monitoring and post-close audit review.

Pre Close Credit Report

Fannie Mae’s Day One

As importantly though, Partners is one of only three CRAs with the advanced Verification of Employment platform and quality control measures required to participate in Fannie Mae’s Day One assurance program.

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Simplifying the Process

Combine our Credit Reporting Suite with verifications of employment, income, asset, deposit, rent, tax transcripts, identity validation, fraud detection and more to realize significant savings.