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Unique Solution

User-friendly, intelligible web-based forum that can be included at no charge with our comprehensive offerings including the total borrower bundle.

Superior Technology

Superior Technology

The portal functions as a central location for borrowers to manage pending application tasks and complete verifications during origination. Flow, efficiency, and communication are improved by dedicating one place for a borrower to address any outstanding due diligence issues.

Providing Clarity
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Providing Clarity

The portal allows for customized messaging between the borrower, your LOs and any relevant third-party furnishers. The portal can be white labeled for all clients. Requests arrive with clear communication helping borrowers better understand who requires their information, and making them feel more comfortable with the process.

Portal Features

Verification of Deposits & Assets

Borrower Verification Report (Letter of explanation)

Verification of Utilities

Access to Consumer Version of the Credit Report

Risk Based Pricing Disclosure Delivery

E-signature 4506C Transcript Requests

Partners Processing and Supplement Requests and Communication

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Portal Features