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Custom Technology

Partners offers an array of credit data solutions to assist throughout the loan process from origination to close and portfolio review including proprietary solutions for ordering, retrieving and managing your credit reporting needs. Partners will customize a credit report package based your unique regulatory and lender requirements and deliver it to you through your desired technology interface, all with clear invoicing and flexible options.

Merged Bureau Reports
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Single or Merged Two and Three Bureau Reports Tailored to Your Preferred Formatting

Features include:

Easy to read data with flexible formatting for simplified review

Ability to add a borrower to individual reports already ordered

Split unneeded borrowers from joint reports

Order supplements and score updates directly from clicking on trade lines in question

Report Actions section easily links users to all credit related product ordering

Instant updated total pricing based upon ancillary product ordering

Create borrower invoicing reports based upon transaction history

Accessible via your LOS or Partners website

Accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Use SoftPull prequalification reports prequalify borrowers affordably with no hard inquiries, pulling one, two or three bureaus of data to determine which loan programs they may qualify for

Pre Close Credit Report

Pre-Close Credit Report

A “soft inquiry” credit report pulled prior to closing to meet FNMA’s Loan Quality Initiatives, aiding in determining any new undisclosed borrower liabilities. Additional Compare Report available, comparing new and old reports for differences.

Derogatory Only Report

Converts your credit report into a view that only includes “derog” accounts that can be provided to the borrower for evaluation and investigation.

An additional service, Borrower Verification Reports, allows you to invite your customers to review self-selected portions of their credit reports via a secure web-based portal, eliminating the need to print, fax or scan. The result—faster feedback, greater accuracy and decreased wait times.

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Derogatory Only Report
Spanish Credit Report

Spanish Credit Reports

Convert any existing credit report to a translated Spanish version

Cost-Savings Bureau Cascades

Cost-Savings Bureau Cascades

Eliminate wasted costs and fees by setting custom ordering parameters for when one, two or three bureaus of credit data can be returned. Want to avoid paying for three bureaus when any bureau of your choosing shows a score of less than 558? No problem. Our success aligns with yours, and we shouldn’t profit from your wasted money.

Our credit reporting services allow you to manage your loans easily while closing more loans and getting the most for your borrower via our verification offerings and credit tools allowing score maximization.

CreditXpert Solution Suite

Trade Line Verification and Updating

Score Updates
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Score Updates

Borrower credit data updated at the bureau level, having an immediate impact on borrower credit scores (3-5 days turn time) Rush requests completed within 24 hours


Fast, reputable and thorough updating of borrower accounts by our experienced and FCRA-certified staff

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Bundling Capabilities

Bundling Capabilities

Partners looks to meet customer needs on every setup. We will tailor a bundle products and services to your precise needs.