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Dynamic, Simple and Fully Customizable Platform

Leveraging Customization
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Leveraging Customization

The SmartQual™ prequalification platform is dynamic, simple and fully customizable. Intelligently and instantly qualify borrowers based on your preferred loan program parameters or portfolio standards, anchored in as many or as few elements of credit history, debt to income dynamics and property evaluation as you desire.

Prequalify with Purpose

With prices of credit reports surging over the years, comprehensively identifying and qualifying borrowers makes all the difference. Often, prospective borrowers are lost because of prequalification inefficiency that’s frustrating, confusing and overwhelming. Your business needs to synthesize meaningful leads, pull credit and accurately assess the data. Meet our SmartQual™ platform.

SmartQual™ is the intelligent way to pre-qualify borrowers before they apply for a loan, simplifying complexities in the loan process with integrated decision-making analytics and tools customized to meet your specific needs. Build your customized SmartQual™ solution with our suite of offerings.

Customized Solutions

Build Your

Customized Solution

SmartQual Core
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SmartQual™ Core

Instantly determine if your borrower qualifies for a loan, and understand where concerns may exist.

SmartQual™ Core Plus

The same comprehensive tools found within our Core prequalification offering, but packaging up to two (2) SmartQual™ Add-Ons.

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SmartQual Core Plus
SmartQual Core Add-Ons
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SmartQual™ Add-Ons

Include add-ons allowing you to better qualify your borrower, while giving you more options to provide value to your future customer.

SmartQual™ Prequal Platform

Our digital platform allows you to initiate the mortgage conversation by capturing leads and streamlining decision-making.

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SmartQual Core Prequal Platform

The Smart
PreQualification Process

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Initiate the Mortgage Conversation
A cost-efficient and convenient lead-generation tool that allows lenders to initiate the mortgage conversation and convert applications into actual loans.
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Built to Streamline the Process for Lenders and Borrowers
Streamlines the loan application process via prequalification applications that can be initiated through a hyperlink from a variety of omni-channel sources.