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Efficient and accurate flood zone determinations

No matter the type of loan you are processing, our flood determination service will provide you with the fastest, most reliable flood solution available. Manage your flood risk while being compliant with all federal requirements.

Solutions For You

Partners has the right flood solution for you, offering three options to meet your needs:

Basic Flood Zone Determination
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Basic Flood
Zone Determination

Identifies the flood zone, community number, map and panel number, community participation information, insurance availability, map date and entry date.

Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination

Basic Determination plus map change tracking with follow-up determinations for the life of the loan. If a map change or community status change occurs on the property, Partners will notify you of any change within 60 days.
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Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination
 Census Information/HMDA
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Census Information/HMDA

Identifies census tract, MSA, state code and county code. Available on Basic or Life-of-Loan Determinations.