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Providing Lenders Freedom from Reps & Warrants Plus Greater Speed and Simplicity!

Partners Credit is one of only four CRAs with the high VOE/I reporting standards required to participate in Fannie Mae’s Day-1 Program. Digitizing the mortgage origination process is paramount to saving time and money while reducing costly errors. Our dedication to developing and partnering with the best digital solutions puts us at the top in the mortgage industry. Among our many digital offerings, Partners credit is proud to provide a full suite of solutions approved for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter ® (DU ®)validation service for Day 1 Certainty™.

Highlights of Day 1 Certainty™
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Highlights of Day 1 Certainty™ include:

Validation of the loan application data up-front and giving lenders faster and easier verification of key loan data components.
Giving lenders the ability to offer their borrowers a dramatically better mortgage experience. Borrowers will be able to save time by using electronic data versus collecting document such as paystubs, bank statements, and investment account statements.
Direct from the source data collection, rather then borrower acquired documentation, reducing the risk for fraud.

Fannie Mae Provider

Fannie Mae is the provider of Day 1 Certainty™

Improve your overall loan quality with Partners top-tier digital mortgage solutions, and participating in Day 1 Certainty, giving lenders freedom from representations and warranties

Approved Solutions

Approved Solutions

IncomeVerify - 4506C IRS Tax Verification
Verification of Assets and Deposits
Verification of Employment and Income