Direct link to the IRS – Verify your Borrower’s Actual Income

The easiest and safest way to verify your borrower’s stated income is to compare to actual transcripts from IRS files. Utilizing the Partners Credit & Verification Solutions direct link with the IRS, you will electronically receive all requested years and transcript types quickly and efficiently. Simply upload your borrower’s signed 4506-C form and Partners will return up to 4 years of income. Partners IncomeVerify products are part of Fannie Mae’s Day-1 Certainty initiative.

Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analyisis

Our expert staff will help reduce undesirable and time consuming rejects from the IRS with thorough review of forms prior to delivery to the IRS. Transcripts are returned immediately upon receipt from the IRS

Bundle IncomeVerify
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Bundle IncomeVerify with our full suite of Verification Products or pair with Credit Solutions

Prevent mortgage fraud

Find discrepancies income before funding

Help borrowers obtain lost income documentation

Comply with new lender and CFPB guidelines

Flexible ordering through your LOS, Partners website or Report Actions section of your borrower credit report.

Need to get a signed 4506-C from your borrower? Try our e-signature integrated form.

Faster turnaround from your borrower and the IRS

Emails request to sign directly to your borrower

No need to fax, scan or email

Regularly reminds borrower to complete the signing process

Sends signed form immediately back to you, Partners and the IRS upon signing

Prevents fraud by authenticating your borrower and creating a tamperproof form

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e-signature integrated form