Partners Credit & Verification Solutions provides a wide range of loan origination products and services for mortgage brokers, bankers, credit unions and lenders. As you scan our capabilities, keep in mind that we don’t assume all loan packages are created equal. We can design a loan origination package to fit your specific needs, reducing the total number of third-parties involved in your workflow. This all-in-one approach enables you to spend less time chasing down vendors and more time focusing on what really matters: your client.

Credit Reports

Credit Reports

  • Customizable Credit Reports
  • Pre-Close Report
  • CreditXpert
  • Product Bundling Capabilities
Tax Verification


  • Transcripts direct from the IRS
  • Fast and flexible online ordering
  • Integrated e-signature capabilities


  • Red Flags
  • Applicant Data Validation – ADV
  • MERS Check
  • ID Verification
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

  • Borrower Activity Alerts
  • Early Risk Identification
  • Streamlined Underwriting
Day 1 Certainty

Day 1 Certainty™

  • IncomeVerify
  • Verification of Assets
  • Verification of Employment

Fannie Mae is the provider of Day 1 Certainty™