SSN Verify

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Add another level of fraud prevention and verify key borrower data with Social Security Administration files using our secure direct link.

  • Manage questionable borrower identification information including fraud and red flag alerts by comparing your applicant identification information within your borrower file with information the SSA holds using Partners SSN Verify service.
  • Our SSA direct service is fully compliant and audited annually to make sure your borrower information is safe and assure you of receiving accurate information from the IRS. After receiving and reviewing your borrower’s signed SSA89 form our SSN Verify service will instantly and electronically return consumer matching information letting you know:
    • Yes, information matches SSA records
    • No, information does not match SSA records
    • No, SSA records show applicant as deceased
  • SSN Verify can be ordered through our numerous integrations or directly from your Partners reports where borrower information is in question.
  • Increase your loan quality and provide another level of security before you fund.