Automated Valuation Model – AVM

  • “I can't tell you how much we've appreciated working with Partners and especially our Account Representative. Your team has made the idea of home ownership accessible to many of our clients with the extra services your company provides.”
    — J. Mottashed, Alpine Mortgage Planning
  • “Partners provides great service and our sales representative is very hands on.”
    — R. Ward, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage
  • “Our company loves using Partners Credit. The reports are easy to read and our requests are handled quickly and professionally.”
    — VP Consumer Direct Lending, Phoenix, AZ
  • “The customer service is always above and beyond our expectations! Thanks for all that you do!”
    — J. Mottashed, Alpine Mortgage Planning
  • “I appreciate how simple the invoices are and the fact that they have been customized with the detail I need.”
    — R. Ward, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage
  • “We switched to another credit company and we literally had people threaten to quit and we switched back within 30 days.”
    — VP Consumer Direct Lending, Phoenix, AZ

Instantly and accurately receive a value estimate for your borrower’s property nationwide.

The quality of any mortgage loan depends on the market value of the subject property. The Partners group of AVM services provides help with:

  • Origination and underwriting for home equity and first mortgages
  • Replacement of “comp checks” now restricted by the HVCC
  • Confirming physical appraisal valuations
  • Loss mitigation
  • Portfolio review
  • Quality control

Partners offers access to the leading AVMs in the industry

  • HVE®: Home Value Explorer
  • Home Price Analyzer (HPA)
  • CASA
  • PASS®
  • SiteX™
  • VP4- ValuePoint®4
  • i-Val™
  • VeroVALUE

With the proprietary Partners AVM Cascade feature you can maximize accuracy and hit rate. Utilizing AVMs for geographical appropriate regions, your order will cascade through the three top AVMs and deliver a value from the AVM supplying the first accurate hit.