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    — J. Mottashed, Alpine Mortgage Planning
  • “Partners provides great service and our sales representative is very hands on.”
    — R. Ward, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage
  • “Our company loves using Partners Credit. The reports are easy to read and our requests are handled quickly and professionally.”
    — VP Consumer Direct Lending, Phoenix, AZ
  • “The customer service is always above and beyond our expectations! Thanks for all that you do!”
    — J. Mottashed, Alpine Mortgage Planning
  • “I appreciate how simple the invoices are and the fact that they have been customized with the detail I need.”
    — R. Ward, Pinnacle Capital Mortgage
  • “We switched to another credit company and we literally had people threaten to quit and we switched back within 30 days.”
    — VP Consumer Direct Lending, Phoenix, AZ

Thorough and accurate background reports

Make sure that the individual you are hiring or doing business with is reputable and does not create potential risk for you or your business.

If you are an HR professional, you are called upon to hire, retain and promote great people, and you know that the competition for talented employees is fierce. It is, therefore, critical that your personnel decisions do not create financial risk or safety issues, but equally important that your screening processes do not cause 1 to 2 week delays that frustrate your hiring managers and create the risk of losing your finest candidates.

If you are renting a property or planning on doing business with someone new, make sure that individual is reputable and mitigate the risk of having a failed or fraudulent transaction.

We recognize that these challenges may be daunting. Our CIBER-Safe background reports will give you that needed extra level of security. Our reports are thorough, accurate and delivered with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Our services are:


  • Thorough screening for past criminal activity, credit history and driving record
  • We can provide professional interviewers to perform comprehensive education, employment and personal verifications and reference checks
  • Drug testing is available
  • Presented in an easy to interpret report that is customized to your specific needs


  • Information returned in 2-3 days so that you can make your critical decision
  • Simple and intuitive ordering screen
  • Products bundled together for ease of ordering
  • 24/7 website access for report ordering, review, customer support and billing


  • Certified secure by industry leaders TruSecure and Verisign
  • Our reports are fully compliant with the FCRA, and we will help facilitate your compliance as well

Our services include:

County Criminal

  • We go directly to the county courthouse for current and previous counties of residence to search for criminal convictions

SSN Validation

  • Reveals names (including aliases, akas) and addresses associated with your applicant’s social security number

National Criminal Database

  • Real-time access to over 130 million criminal records from over 40 states

Employment Verification

  • Confirms available information about employment dates, job title, performance, attendance and eligibility for rehire

Education Verification

  • Confirms years of attendance and degrees awarded

Credit History

  • Comprehensive information about an individual’s credit history, including public records such as tax liens and bankruptcies

Motor Vehicle Report

  • License history and violation record. May include information involving drug or alcohol related driving convictions

Professional License Check

  • Confirms date of issuance, current status, last renewal date, expiration date and any disciplinary action taken

Personal Reference Check

  • Our team of professionals conduct telephone interviews to obtain assessments of an individual’s skills, dependability and integrity

Drug Testing

  • Extensive 10-panel drug screening, plus optional alcohol screening